Trisol Valve

Transcatheter Tricuspid Replacement Valve



Trisol Medical goal is to develop the best-in-class Transcatheter Tricuspid Replacement Valve, which eliminates Tricuspid Regurgitation while preserving the Right Ventricle function. Trisol Medical device concept and unique design was created out of deep understanding and knowledge of the unmet need of treating Tricuspid Valve insufficiency.


Tricuspid Regurgitation occurs when the tricuspid valve fails to close properly, causing blood to flow backward from the Right Ventricle to the right atrium. Many cases of Tricuspid Regurgitation are accompanied by the Dysfunction of the Right Ventricle. In the US alone, there are about 1.6 million patients suffering from Tricuspid Regurgitation. Tricuspid Regurgitation is currently treated by surgery. Due to the high risk related to the surgical procedure, most of the patients cannot surgically treated. As such, there is a significant unmet clinical need for a transcatheter solution to Tricuspid Regurgitation.


Trisol device is a Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Replacement, which is implanted easily and intuitively. Trisol valve is constructed out of nitinol frame with specially designed dome-shaped leaflet. Its unique design provides a comprehensive solution to eliminating Tricuspid Regurgitation while preserving the Right Ventricle function. Trisol Valve is suited to all severe Tricuspid Regurgitation patients.



Eliminates Tricuspid Regurgitation while preserving the Right Ventricle function

Can be implanted in any annulus size

Provide a solution for patients with leaflet tethering

Delivery is easy and intuitive

Low profile, does not affect the conduction system

Fully percutaneous procedure

Anchors very well to the challenging Tricuspid annulus



Ron Davidson


Ron has 20 years of experience in managing and accelerating companies in the healthcare field. Formerly, CEO at Flight Medical, Paieon Medical, Medtechnica Hi-Tech and NexSig, Senior VP at Medcon (acquired by McKesson). Ron has an excellent track record of leading companies from inception to commercial success.


Dr. Shimon Eckhouse


Dr. Eckhouse, one of Israel’s leading medical entrepreneurs and investors, is the owner of Alon MedTech Ventures incubator. He takes an active role in choosing projects and accompanying portfolio companies to success by being involved in the technological and business aspects of the portfolio companies. Dr. Eckhouse is the founder and investor of numerous medical technology firms, such as Syneron Medical (acquired for $400M) and Ventor Technologies (acquired for $325M).

Eli Ben-Hamou


Eli has 15 years of experience in medical device and heart valve development. Eli previously held the role of R&D project leader in Ventor Technologies and Medtronic. He was responsible for the development team management and ensuring effective and timely delivery of projects.

Dr. Mordehay Vaturi

Inventor & Medical Director

Senior Cardiologist at the Valve Clinic and Echocardiography Unit at the department of Cardiology, Rabin Medical Center. Specializes in Heart Valve treatment. Senior lecturer in Cardiology – Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.

Vero ID

Veronique Jasner


Veronique has over 15 years of experience in developing regulatory strategy and quality management systems and for heart valve companies. She was the VP QA/RA in Ventor Technologies. In addition, she provided consulting services for regulatory strategies and quality system to a wide number of medical devices Start-Up companies.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 946589

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